Sunday, September 6, 2015

Aimee's Castle

Top and Bottoms- H&M

See a ghost in any of the photos? I wish! There were rumors when I was younger that a woman hung herself in the castle behind me. Everyone called it "Aimee's castle." Turns out it's actually called that and there is a website about it too. I later researched about it and couldn't confirm any hanging. Apparently Aimee overdosed on sleeping pills. The castle is definitely a beauty but Melisa and I couldn't find anyone to ask about getting inside.
Now, about my outfit! Finally found a good pair of trousers that fit my figure. They were a total steal too for only ten dollars. My shirt gave me a vintage look but I feel it's too childish that I might return it. Hmmmm....

Photographer: Melisa Gonzalez

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