Thursday, June 4, 2015

Reminiscing With Melisa

Black Velvet Lipstick- LIMECRIME
90's Tattoo Choker- STYLE MOI
Sun and Moon Bodycon Dress- STYLE MOI
Free Flash Tattoo- STYLE MOI
Iridescent Creepers- T.U.K.

Today's shoot was super awesomely random! My friend Melisa and I went vintage shopping but while we were walking inside one of the stores she told me to put on my jacket. I was kind of confused until she held up her camera. That's when I knew she really thought outside the box and got creative! 
We shot at a new store called Grumps Garage down in Main Street, Lake Elsinore. He had a lot of cool stuff! There were even some awesome records I might come back to have my sister take a look because she loves those.
There's something about this print that takes me back in old memories. My Mom used to have these clay moldings of the sun and moon when I was younger. I don't know what happened to them but I always thought they were lovely. Besides the print, this dress is stretchy and helps define my figure. I added the choker for memory purposes as well. These little chokers used to be in coin machines when I was younger, glad I could get them again!
Nothing like reminiscing ♥

Photographer: Melisa Gonzales

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