Thursday, April 2, 2015

Watermelons & Cut Outs

Cut Out Collar Longsleeve Top- NASTYDRESS
Watermelon Stretch Skirt- THE YUB
Ankle Distressed Platform Boots- T.U.K.
Black Hat- SCALA

Hi everyone! I was a little skeptical about wearing a tight skirt until this cute watermelon one made me think otherwise. I really felt like it gave my figure some definition, it showed too. 
My daily outfits usually include a necklace but this black top doesn't need one. The cut out straps are so creative and make such a huge difference to an outfit. 
Quick fun fact! This was a quick shoot and what's funny about where I'm standing is that I use to hang out after school here about seven years ago.
See you in my next posts ♥