Friday, May 9, 2014

Broken Feet- Help my family and Donate ♥

Here is my sister, her fiance and my cute nephew smiling as I take this photo for their Christmas cards.
Beautiful family :)
 They love adventure so much!!
  They recently went to Mt. Baldy.
Sam being a risk taker decided to climb an 8-10 foot fall while rock climbing in Mt. Baldy. A piece of the rock that he was holding onto, to climb back down, broke off, causing him to fall on rocks and break both of his feet.

Nephew Sammy pushing Sam in donated wheel chair.
Financially, they are in need of medical bills and visits to the doctor.

Full story here

Looking for help my sister Amanda created a fund online that has being going great so far.
Please share!
I would love to see them be happy and out adventuring once again ♥

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