Monday, March 10, 2014

Feeling Witchy

Crochet Cardigan- Forever21 
Salem Boot- Nasty Gal 
Shirt- ShyWilder 

 I have been looking for a crochet kimono everywhere and found this awesome one at my local mall. I really wished it was a lot longer but it is just my favorite right now since the weather is warming up. I can't even wait to wear it during the summer with my swimsuit underneath, I bet it would look even better to see the lovely pattern. 
My top is from one of my recent looks and on the front, "Destroy what Destroys You" is written across the front. One of my favorite sayings ever.
 I obviously paired it with my favorite heels! Guys, I'm a bit obsessed with large shoes! :) I might do a review on my youtube about them because I haven't seen one yet. They deserve a review.

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