Pretty Attitude

Midnight Hour Wolf Tank- PRETTY ATTITUDE

I've been eyeing this wolf shirt for quite some time. Wolves are one of my favorite animals ♥ Since I can't have one, at least I can wear a cute top with one.

Forever 21 Plaid

Round Metal Sunglasses- FOREVER 21
Plaid Flannel Shirt- FOREVER 21
High Waisted Denim- WHOLESALE BUYING
Black Creepers- T.U.K

Plaid is probably the only print I can not get sick of. I absolutely adore plaid and I feel so comfortable in it. I'm not sorry for wearing it again and for my future posts, haha.

Photography by Melisa Gonzalez

Amelie Inspired


Hey everyone!
 This look is inspired from the movie Amelie. If you haven't seen it, you must! It's a very cute movie about a girl discovering love in Paris and I just love the way it was filmed ♥ The main character has this gorgeous style which led me into purchasing this skirt from a thrift shop. Of course her style is not exactly like mine because I added my own style too.

Photography by Melisa Gonzalez

Denim Stiches

90's Choker- STYLE MOI
Mondo Platform Boots- T.U.K.

Most of my outfit is vintage! I have been thrifting a lot lately. There is some sort of joy I get from finding a unique piece of clothing that isn't seen often. My jacket has an interesting detail of big denim stiches ♥ It reminds me of Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Photography by Melisa Gonzalez

Goth Doll

90's choker- STYLE MOI
Whiskey Business Top- SOCIAL DECAY
Mesh Long-sleeve- WHOLESALE BUYING
Round Metal Sunglasses- FOREVER 21

Feeling so relaxed dressed in all black ♥
 I believe that my attitude reflects on how comfortable I am in what I'm wearing. Wearing my favorite color makes me so at peace. 

Photography by Melisa Gonzalez

Coats and Open Toe Heels // Featuring Public Desire and Social Decay

Fast Cars, Dive Bars- SOCIAL DECAY
Rhea Burgundy Block Heels- PUBLIC DESIRE
Velvet Skinny Pant With Zippers- STYLE MOI
Round Metal Sunglasses- FOREVER 21

Leaves are on the ground and I'm drinking English breakfast tea again ♥

I'm not sure if it's normal in other states but being a southern California gal and wearing open toe shoes with a coat is quite normal here! Especially if their these burgundy heels. I don't know if you guys have ever noticed but I don't like showing my toes very much. I'm a changed woman I guess, haha! Aside from the design and color, my favorite part about them is that the blocked heel makes them way easier and comfortable to walk in. You will definitely be seeing these bad boys in more posts.

Brick By Boring Brick

Lace up Shorts- STYLE MOI
Burgundy Mondo Boots- T.U.K.
Black Velvet Lipstick- LIMECRIME

Wearing a messy up-do today. I got to lazy to wash it because pastels are so hard to keep! 
Also, I'm loving this brick wall. I think it's gonna be one of my new photo shoot spots. 

Radiohead Day

Extensions- VPFASHION ($10 off use code- chapters)
Vintage Radiohead Shirt- EBAY
Burgundy Mondo Boots- T.U.K.

Aimee's Castle

Top and Bottoms- H&M

See a ghost in any of the photos? I wish! There were rumors when I was younger that a woman hung herself in the castle behind me. Everyone called it "Aimee's castle." Turns out it's actually called that and there is a website about it too. I later researched about it and couldn't confirm any hanging. Apparently Aimee overdosed on sleeping pills. The castle is definitely a beauty but Melisa and I couldn't find anyone to ask about getting inside.
Now, about my outfit! Finally found a good pair of trousers that fit my figure. They were a total steal too for only ten dollars. My shirt gave me a vintage look but I feel it's too childish that I might return it. Hmmmm....

Photographer: Melisa Gonzalez

Less Thinking More Drinking- Social Decay

Shirt- Social Decay
Iridescent Creepers- T.U.K.

This shirt is my current mood. Lately I've been overthinking over goals too much that it's nice to go out once in a while to dance and drink with my friends ♥ 

Photographer: Melisa Gonzalez