Brick By Boring Brick

Lace up Shorts- STYLE MOI
Burgundy Mondo Boots- T.U.K.
Black Velvet Lipstick- LIMECRIME

Wearing a messy up-do today. I got to lazy to wash it because pastels are so hard to keep! 
Also, I'm loving this brick wall. I think it's gonna be one of my new photo shoot spots. 

Radiohead Day

Extensions- VPFASHION ($10 off use code- chapters)
Vintage Radiohead Shirt- EBAY
Burgundy Mondo Boots- T.U.K.

Aimee's Castle

Top and Bottoms- H&M

See a ghost in any of the photos? I wish! There were rumors when I was younger that a woman hung herself in the castle behind me. Everyone called it "Aimee's castle." Turns out it's actually called that and there is a website about it too. I later researched about it and couldn't confirm any hanging. Apparently Aimee overdosed on sleeping pills. The castle is definitely a beauty but Melisa and I couldn't find anyone to ask about getting inside.
Now, about my outfit! Finally found a good pair of trousers that fit my figure. They were a total steal too for only ten dollars. My shirt gave me a vintage look but I feel it's too childish that I might return it. Hmmmm....

Photographer: Melisa Gonzalez

Less Thinking More Drinking- Social Decay

Shirt- Social Decay
Iridescent Creepers- T.U.K.

This shirt is my current mood. Lately I've been overthinking over goals too much that it's nice to go out once in a while to dance and drink with my friends ♥ 

Photographer: Melisa Gonzalez

I Miss Jackets And Cold Nights

Lipstick- LIMECRIME (pansy)
Velvet Pants- STYLE MOI

Anyone else miss wearing fall clothing? It gets cool at night so I take advantage! I got this vintage blazer at my local thrift store but I also had to spice it up a bit with a patch. Taking out the shoulder pads was the second.
These photos were taken by Playas de Tijuana. I really like taking my photos there because of the brightly colored walls and most people there are extremely polite about trying not to walk in my photos. Back at home I get whistled at and stared, any other bloggers feeling me?
Sadly, my camera was just a prop for this shoot but I hope to put some film in it soon! 
See ya' in the next post.


Seagrove Park In Del Mar

 Hair Extensions- VPFASHION ($10 off use code: chapters)
Lips- LIMECRIME (pansy)
Sun Crop Top- NEWDRESS
Boots- T.U.K.

Skateboarding In Heels

                                                Extensions- VPFASHION ($10 off use code: chapters)
Heels- ZAFUL
Red Cardigan- VINTAGE

But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo.
I'm a huge Radiohead fan and this top reminds me of the band so much. I got a nice breeze through the cut out shoulders while skateboarding in it haha! 

Photographer: Melisa Gonzalez

Mermaid In Del Mar

  Headdress- STYLE MOI
                                           Extensions- VPFASHION  ($10 off use code: chapters)
Crochet Lace Bells- STYLE MOI
Fringed Heels- NOT RATED

My best friend and I explored Del Mar on my day off for this photo shoot! We actually ended up in Tijuana towards sundown. Just imagine two chicks driving around with five different shoes, six different outfits, sour candy, loud music and a camera. Yes, I changed in the car about ten times that day haha!

Notice my hair? The mint is back!! I'm feeling like myself again, it's awesome.


Photographer: Melisa Gonzalez 


Floral Romper- VINTAGE
Extensions- VPFASHION 

Eeek! It's been quite some time since I've posted.
I've been nonstop arranging plans with friends and loved ones that I distanced myself a bit.
Maybe not from my YouTube channel though, there are two new videos up:

There are gonna be a lot of changes in my upcoming posts so stay tuned.

I'M A MESS!! ft Nikki Lipstick / REBEL CIRCUS

High Waisted Denim Shorts- STYLE MOI
Platforms- ZAFUL
90's tattoo choker- STYLE MOI

Hey guys:)
These photos were shot at 2am! There are some days where I just can't sleep.... okay maybe everyday. I'm going through a lot of challenges in life right now and this shirt sums it up. I just wanted to have fun and light up something. Sparklers never let me down!

Photographer: Priscilla Delgado

Lace for Sunday Brunch

Off White Back Tie Lace Dress- OASAP